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Emergency Services personnel are tasked with one of the most stressful, dangerous, and physically demanding jobs. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and training for your employees. We bring to task over fifty years of combined experience, education, and proven skill sets. We are allied with the top safety and security firms and agencies in the country. We also utilize several United States agencies daily to assist us with everything from real time event assistance (Haz-Mat Fusion Center, National Severe Storms Laboratories, NASA, USAMRID, United States Department of Homeland Security.. etc) to post-operational review and critiques. We believe it is imperative that our instructors not only have the experience, but the education to make that happen. As responders, we saw some of the worst accidents. Now as Safety Professionals, we have committed ourselves to the prevention of these incidents.

The United States Government has an entire collection of agencies that regulate, enforce, and recommend standards of safety compliance for nearly every type of business one could dream up. We're guessing if you've found us, you have been trying to narrow down what applies to you and your workers, what liability you have (or don’t have) and how to navigate a bureaucratic maze of information that can be mind boggling. Rest assured, we can and will help.

What MBU Solutions Disaster Control and Prevention brings to your table is quite simple. We as a collective. We know:

1. The best ways to intervene or avert events like chemical spills and leaks, fires, fleet vehicle accidents, and how best to spot and address workers who may be headed down the path of addiction or violence.

2. We address these issues with fiscal responsibility. We know there is no price on a life, but we do understand how 'being compliant' can burden a budget so we work diligently to make our programs affordable and feasible to your bottom line.

3. We are well versed in just how much damage an accident can do to a company. We've seen countless organizations close their doors because of a series of violations and or a fatality accident. Insurance premiums alone can lay waste to cooperation that is already dealing with a chaotic, and sometimes volatile market.

In an effort to meet the growing reality of workplace violence, several of our instructors are cross trained in Counterterrorism, Active Shooter Survival, Situational Awareness, and other security based initiatives.

You may be thinking, "Oh no! These kinds of things don’t happen here." You need only turn on your local news or read the morning paper to see that, in fact, it does. This may even be the reason you contacted us.

We understand there is a stigma attached to 'the safety guys' but our message is vital to the safety of the employees we teach. Industrial accidents kill more people each year than drunk drivers. Its a reality. We listen and can relate to your experiences and do so in a relaxed and student-focused enviromnemt. We do what it takes to drive the point home. When your safety is solid, so are your profits.  

Our Partners in Safety

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