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Brains and Boots Just as important as Hands and Eyes

Published by Robert Buckley in Work Site Safety · 14/10/2015 10:47:00
This is an often overlooked issue. How many of us grab the rim at the end of the day and chuck it in the truck? GUILTY! Over time even the best MSA can take a hit to its overall effectiveness and structural integrity. Also, how many of think to wash it down with even the BASIC water and towel? How many different atmospheres do you encounter in a workday? That particulate stays with you. Boots and 'Brain Buckets' are the most overlooked parts of PPE. They need every bit, the same attention as your goggles, gloves, and respiratory protection. Don't wait for your Hard Hat to wreak of sweat to realize you've been walking around with cobalt, benzene, or even sawdust just inches away from the most vulnerable parts of your body.

Look for our complete article on Hard Hat/Helmet Safety later this week.  In the mean time here are some tips from our friends at Grainger.

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