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Quick Personal Evacuation and Preparedness Guide 2015

Published by Robert Buckley in Weather Emergencies · 31/8/2015 15:51:00
In the event you and/or your family are ordered to evacuate an area for any reason (Hurricane, Flood, Wildfire, Chemical Leak, etc.) we have created a quick reference guide and appropriate supply list that is designed for you to simply print and place on your fridge door or wherever you keep emergency information.

This guide is easy to customize to suit any size family or just one person. It can be used in ‘Shelter in Place’ as well as ‘Three to Five Day Evacuations’ or an event where you will be on your own, without power, water, basic needs being provided to you. Quite simply, this list is designed to help you and yours until help arrives. If you intend to go to a shelter great, but if you get there and it is full or not what you deem appropriate, we recommend purchasing camping equipment (See Camping Equipment List). Either way, with this list you should be fine.

This supply list below can, when properly packed, fit on the space of a Hyundai Accent’s hatchback. I think you’ll be amazed by just how easy it is! Remember, DC&P is always available by phone to help, if you are having trouble getting right. We’re pretty sure after playing around with it, it will be second nature to you.
DC&P teaches a course in Evacuation or Camping on Short Notice. This list is a modification of the material you will learn and receive in the course. If your group or community is interested in this course, please call to schedule a class.

Emergency Evacuation or Camping on Short Notice

Published by Annmarie Mudge Buckley in Weather Emergencies · 25/8/2015 20:59:00
Tags: HurricanePrepDisasterPreparedness

The winds that change.

Published by Robert Buckley in Weather Emergencies · 19/8/2015 15:39:00
Tags: HurricaneWindwinddamage

Hurricane Day 2 Storm Surge

Published by Annmarie Mudge Buckley in Weather Emergencies · 17/8/2015 14:47:00
Tags: hurricanestormsurge
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