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Welcome to the Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement section.
This section is geared specifically for Responders. If at any time you require explanation, credit hour specifics, or have a suggestion for a course your department needs, by all means Contact Us or call us! 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We are always ready and willing to help our Brothers and Sisters. 
Today, after two years of research, planning, and interviews we are proud to release our course entitled "PTSD Awareness and Suicide Prevention for the First Responder" course. 
This offering is accredited by the State of Georgia EMS Division of Health and Human Services, recognized by the National Registry of EMT's and Paramedics, and the National Fire Protection Association. Upon completion, the student will receive 7 Continuing Education Hours, a certificate of achievement, and the training needed to intervene when a college or you show signs or symptoms of distress. We as a collective, understand the needs and pitfalls of our calling, and as Brothers and Sisters we must make every effort to address the mental and emotional scars that we all share at some point in our careers.

This course is unique in the fact that it is interactive. No 'death by PowerPoint' here. The classroom atmosphere we use not only compels students to talk about what may or may not be an issue, but allows the time honored technique of 'getting it out on the table' that somehow has managed to fall by the wayside in departments nationwide. By engaging one another and drawing off the experience of the 'old timers' the student learns that voicing an issue is not a sign of weakness. It’s an opportunity to grow and become the seasoned professional he or she hoped to become when he or she first decided that this was his/her calling.
We have already seen changes in just the test departments we have presented to. We know we have struck a nerve. The time is now to bring this type of training back where it the chow table.

Prices vary from department to department because as so many of you have seen, we customize all of our course offerings to fit the type of department you belong to, and in addition it fits every department’s budget. No matter if you are paid, volunteer, or combo...we have a plan for you. As one Chief told me last week, "this training is as important as CPR". Considering the latest statistics, we would have to agree. So call us today. We will show you how to manage the unmanageable.

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